Consign with us

“Memories and vows are the most valuable part of the day, not the embroidered material.”

As a bride, I understand the strong bond a girl has with her beloved gown. It was the dress that stole the show, became the centrepiece for the day and now that day has come and gone its only natural to feel a sense of attachment as it holds special sentimental value.

Realistically speaking, how often have we dug up and dusted off our wedding dress to prance around in and admire? While we all dream of one day passing on the memorable heirloom to our daughters how often does this become a reality?

Our wedding gown is ultimately one of the most expensive items of clothing you will ever purchase, and while this costly keepsake is sitting in a box currently gathering dust it could be seen by many barefaced buyers willing to pay top dollar for it. Think about what you could be spending that extra cash on…? Most importantly, think about how you will make another bride’s day by sharing and recycling your gown. After all, it’s the photos, memories and the man you should hold on to, not the dress.

The Barefaced Bride’s conditions for selling:

  • Wedding gowns must arrive dry-cleaned and in a garment bag.
  • Wedding gowns must be designer or a recognised couturier label.
  • Original purchase receipt should be shown or some other proof of purchase.
  • Wedding gowns must be in excellent condition. The Barefaced Bride will examine the gown on arrival and may refuse to accept the gown if there are any rips, tears or stains.
  • Weddings gowns are sold on a consignment basis, which means we will agree on a price together and when the gown is sold The Barefaced Bride will transfer the money to the Client by direct deposit.
  • Once sold, the Client will receive 60% of the selling price and The Barefaced Bride will obtain 40% commission. There is a $60 Seller Fee charged which is reimbursed if your gown has a selling price of $5,000 or more.
  • Please note that we only accept wedding gowns less than 3 years old and with an original purchase price of $1200 or more.
  • A photo of the wedding gown should be provided (preferably high quality) which The Barefaced Bride will use to advertise the gown online and social media, etc. We are able to crop out the bride’s face if desired.
  • Brides are required to be ‘barefaced’ for their private appointment (i.e. no makeup or fake tan to be worn).
  • All wedding gowns are treated with the utmost care and are viewed by private appointment only.
  • If you’re located outside of Sydney – no problem! We have gowns sent interstate to us all the time. Contact us directly should you have any questions about this.
  • We are always on the lookout for gowns sizes 12 and up, so if you’re considering consigning with us your dress may be snapped up sooner than you think!
  • Brides who have changed their mind and are left stuck with a brand new dress, we’ll happily take it off your hands. These dresses literally fly out the door!
  • We make consigning your gown hassle-free. Once you hand over your dress, we literally take care of the rest!

Please note that due to the high volume of email enquiries received about consigning and selling dresses we are only able to respond to those that meet our requirements.

If you would like to consign your dress or have any inquiries regarding the above you can reach us on