Alterations & Dry Cleaning

alterations to wedding dresses:

  • We work closely with local bridal gown alteration specialists who cater for the bride (that’s you!) and entire wedding party if required.
  • We will offer advice and guidance on alterations to your wedding dress and then directly refer you to a professional to get the job done!
  • These professional seamstresses (which we highly recommend) have over 20 years industry experience in made to measure and custom designed bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and alterations – so you’re in very safe hands!
  • These highly trained professionals work hard to achieve the best desired fit for your body shape and gown style.
  • We recommend contacting an alterations specialist once you have purchased your dress to ensure there is enough time to work through any modifications needed to your dress prior to your wedding date.
  • Below is a pricing guide for stock-standard wedding dress alterations. Please note for any drastic modifications to your dress we recommend you consult a seamstress directly.


HEMS Prices from
Hem adjusting $100
Lining and netting shorten $40
Take-in bust $65
Take-in bodice $100
Strap adjusting $25
Lift shoulders $55
Adding cap-sleeve $80
Adding bustle $25
Reshape neckline $65
Change back zip to lace up $150

* Prices are indicative only.

dry cleaning your wedding gown:

We highly recommend getting your wedding gown professionally cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding to ensure it’s preserved properly. Doing this will prevent any stains or marks setting into the fabric and becoming stubborn or permanent. You’d be surprised how well expert cleaning can work to make your dress looking brand-spanking new! Dirt, food and lipstick stains for example can be successfully removed with proper professional cleaning. Be aware however that even stains you can’t see like perspiration can immediately begin to damage delicate fabrics such as silk and cause discolouration and deterioration of your dress. We are happy to recommend some local dry cleaning experts if you are looking to have your dress cleaned, so please let us know!


storing your wedding gown:

If you decide to store your wedding gown it should be stored flat in a box after professional cleaning. Keeping it on the hanger will  cause the material to stretch over time and affect the shape of your dress. Ideally, storing your gown in a box away from direct sunlight is the best way to preserve it and the fabric over a long period of time. Remove any plastic dress covers as they are designed for hanging dresses and not long time storage – they can also let in light and fade the fabric.

Alternatively, we strongly believe in giving your wedding dress another lease at life and recycling which is also kinder to the environment!

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